Participation Guidelines

Are you a maker or indie dyer? Learn more about the project here and send us your submission.

Be a Freaking Unicorn Participation Guidelines:

  • Create an exclusive unicorn-inspired colourway or product to be launched on your website on May 1st 2021. More on this below.

  • A minimum of $5 CAD per skein sold (or 20% of the purchase price for non-fibre products) must be donated to an organization that supports your local LGBTQ+ community. If you can donate more, please do!

  • When you're ready, fill out the form below to submit your product.

Before submitting the Google Form, please have on hand:

  1. A photo of your yarn, fibre or other fibre related product in the colourway you've dyed without your logo on it.

  2. A link to your website or to the product on your website,

  3. A copy of your logo

  4. The name of the organization you will be donating to.

The deadline to submit this information is Monday April 19th, 2021.

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Click here to fill out the Submission Form. If there are any issues with submitting the form, please email:

The Fine Print:

We encourage you to use, Be a F*%$ing Unicorn, Be a Freaking Unicorn, or Unicorn-adjacent names for your product, however it is not a requirement.

Each maker is responsible for the launch and sale of their product on their website. You can offer your products as ready to ship or dyed to order, as long as they are available on May 1st and are sold within the May 1st - May 24th selling period.

We will feature a link to your website alongside the photo you've provided on the main page of this site on May 1st 2021. We want to create an even playing field to support small businesses of all sizes through this project, and have requested that your featured image not include your logo on it. Don't worry! If you choose to participate, we'll feature your logo in different places.

If you feel inspired to create multiple unicorn-inspired products, please submit one photo that showcases all of your products, or choose one product to feature. You are welcome to create multiple products as long as $5 CAD per skein sold (or 20% of the total purchase price for project bags, stitch markers, or notions) is donated to an organization that supports your local LGBTQ+ community.

This project is open internationally! Please make sure that your donation in your currency is equivalent to a minimum of $5 CAD per skein or 20% or the total purchase price per item.

During the week of May 24th, please email the monetary total of your donation to We will announce the total amount of funds raised for local LGBTQ+ organizations on our website and social media on May 31st, 2021.

A Note on Exclusivity:

  • We request a six-month exclusivity period after you cease sales of your unicorn-inspired colourway or product on May 24th 2021.

  • This is to create a fair limited selling period across all participating makers, and most importantly it is so that we reserve the month of June for LGBTQ+ organizations and voices to shine.

  • During the month of June, we want to encourage knitters and makers who have purchased from BAFU participants to craft with their purchases as a demonstration of support and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

  • If you would like to bring back your colourway or product in the future, we strongly encourage that you continue to donate $5 CAD (or 20%) of the purchase price of your product to an organization of your choice that serves your local LGBTQ+ community.

Choosing an Organization to Donate To:

Our only requirement is that the funds that you raise go towards an organization that serves your local LGBTQ+ community. We encourage you to seek out your local LGBTQ+ youth organization, clinics that provide direct support to your LGBTQ+ community, your local AIDS clinic, or initiatives that have been focused on running support systems for LGBTQ+ individuals affected by housing insecurity or loss of income due to COVID-19. - Toronto, ON Canada - Toronto, ON Canada - York Region, ON Canada - Barrie, ON Canada - Ottawa, ON Canada

Questions or concerns? Email us directly at