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Be a Freaking Unicorn is a project started by a group of Ontario-based independent dyers, centred around the concept that everyone has a unique creative perspective to bring to the table.

Designed to support our local LGBTQ+ communities, a minimum of $5 CAD per skein sold (or 20% of other products) will be donated to an organization of the maker's choice that serves their local LGBTQ+ community.

We believe: That artists should be paid for their work, in spreading joy one colourful skein at a time, and in the importance of supporting our local LGBTQ+ organizations (especially a year into the COVID-19 pandemic!)

Dyers and makers are invited to create a new unicorn-inspired colourway and send a photo to us, along with the name of the local organization their funds will go to by April 19th 2021.

On May 1st, a gallery will be launched on this site to showcase the yarn, fibre, and projects bags with links to each participating maker's website. From May 1st-24th 2021, we invite you to shop directly from participating makers!

During the month of June, we encourage you to make something with your new stash, and use the hashtags #BAFU, #ifytbaubafu and #beafreakingunicorn to share it.

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